Smart Location Finder is an app, which provides a cutting-edge technology in searching places of interest within the vicinity in the smartest ways without any hassle. It is also one of the greatest navigation tool in the market, which you can orient yourself in both local and foreign land. At the same time, taking advantage of the variety of function keys in the app to assist you in getting map and directions of the destination with the help of advance OCR, barcode and Voice search.

Key Features:
✔Users can easily search for place of interest within the vicinity such as dinning and food, agencies, emergencies, clubs, hospitals, hotels, café, bars, banks, etc or any place you desire to look for.
✔Custom search is also available for user to search for any places they desire by using normal, OCR, barcode and voice search.
✔Each location is attached with full details including address, images, rating, phone number, map direction, user review and distance from the current location.
✔Estimated time of arrival and distance is available to guide the user on how to reach their selected destination through detailed streets direction.
✔Show user current location map.
✔The results will be sorted in the list by distance or rating. 
✔Different views of map such as terrain, satellite and traffic view.
✔All search results can be demonstrated in map.
✔User can add any location to the Favourite list.
✔Google Voice is also available to support you in finding your places easier.
✔Set unit system in KM or miles and travel mode by driving or walking.
✔With Smart OCR Plug-in

Available On Android Market: